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Flo Perry

We got to know Flo Perry, the London based illustrator a bit more....

Flo Perry is a freelance illustrator from London. She previously worked for BuzzFeed as an Editor. Whilst there, she created over 1000 posts for them, which you would have almost definitely have seen. She has a wickedly brutal and funny approach to life within her illustrations therefore, nearly everyone who reads them can relate. We spoke to her about what influences her and,  the power of social media.


Favourite Book

I read fantasy and murder trash like it's going out of fashion, don't really have a favourite, but I just finished the Super Powereds series by Drew Hayes and I loved it.

Favourite Food

Chips with cheese and gravy!

Favourite Film

Sound of Music .

Favourite City

London always and forever.


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WHY KITTY WHYYY don’t u luv me

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So Flo, what got you into art?

I went the usual route to becoming an illustrator really, did chemistry at university, decided to go into journalism, ended up at BuzzFeed, told them I could draw and they said go on then and bought me a tablet. I quit in October to go full-time freelance after illustrating my first book.


Who / what are your biggest influences when creating a piece?

Other illustrators who I see on instagram influence my work all the time. I just discovered Polly Nor and I love her (behind the times I know).


How have you found social media when promoting your artwork?

Instagram is basically my shop front, that and the promotion I have got through BuzzFeed got me all my work. 99% of people who comment on my stuff and message me are incredibly supportive. I find chasing the likes hard work, but I can't really thank my followers enough for what they've done for my career


What advice would you give people when starting up their social media?

Post as much as you can. Try and get something out everyday, and try not to over think it.


Which piece are you most proud of?

Probably my illustrations for The Girl's Guide To Growing Up Great. It was so much fun to do and I'm really pleased with the end product.


What do you like/dislike about your work?

I like how I draw boobs I hate how I draw hands.



Give us your best piece of advice you have ever been given?

Post as much as you can. Try and get something out everyday, and try not to over think it.


What could you not live without?



How has your work changed over time?

In every single way. I am always looking back at stuff I did a year a go and thinking how ugly and terrible it is. But that's all part of the job.


What is your biggest achievement?

Getting a 2:1 in Chemistry at Durham University, that shit was 10 times harder than all this artsy farting around, and way less enjoyable.


Do you have anything exciting coming up in the near future?

Got a dentist appointment on Friday. #pumped.


You can find Flo Perry's work on her Instagram, or on her website.


Flo perry shows us that social media is a strong tool to showcase your art! Want to see who else to follow on instagram? We brought together a list of the top 10 art accounts to follow on instagram! Click here.





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Artists to Follow on Instagram

10 Artists to Follow on Instagram

Instagram has become a fantastic tool for people to make their artwork known and also, to make a career. We have put together a list of 10 artists that you need to follow today on Instagram.


1.Kenny Scharf (@kennyscharf)

We will start the list of with an artist who is guaranteed to put colour into your day. Kenny Scharf is an LA based artist whose trippy artwork is sure to keep you entertained. His instagram feed is full of trouble and mischief and shows just how talented this guy is.

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Hey where are you going?

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2.Flo Perry (@floperrydraws)

Almost everyone should have heard of Flo Perry. If you haven’t heard of her you have definitely seen her work all over the internet. Flo Perry used to illustrate for BuzzFeed, which she created over 1000 viral pieces for them. Her comic style Instagram will make you laugh and find yourself relating to almost every post.


3. Mike Perry (@mikeperrystudio)

Mike perry is a New York based artist and people just can’t get enough from him. His book ‘Hand Job’ showcases a collection of hand drawn type from himself and people who inspire him.


4. Kate Moross/Studio Moross (@studiomoross)

Studio Moross has worked with some of the biggest brands on the planet most of all, MTV, Disclosure and Cadburys. Kates work and her teams are incredible which shows on their long list of clients.


5. Mr Bingo (@mr_bingstagram)

The offensive illustrations from Mr Bingo are what makes him stand out and, his Instagram is comical and well put together. Guaranteed to make you giggle. Warning, this account is very NSFW.


6. Shepard Fairey (@obeygiant)

Shepard Fairey is an American born street artist and emerged from the skating scene. most of all, he is the founder of OBEY Clothing.

7. Olek (@oleknyc)

Crocheting fans will be delighted with this artist. Olek is a Polish-American artist. She likes to cover things with her crocheting skills and patterns and as a result, she has created a colourful Instagram feed.


KAWS or Brian Donnelly is an American artist who specialises in sculpture and, his Instagram shows his huge sculptors in his cartoon style.


9. Erik Parker (@erikparkerstudio)


Erik’s art is vidi in colour. It definately your brain something to think about.

10. Rob Hodgson. (@berthodgson)

We love how cute Rob’s illustrations are also, he sells some pretty cool stickers.


They are all smashing their goals with Social Media! Liked reading this? Read our post about the Instagram account exposing Copycat Artists! Read it here.

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Cracking Down on Copycats

Can anything be original now?

It seems that these days it doesn’t take much to cause a stir on Instagram. Copycats have always been around, most of all, artwork copying has always been a thing. Almost every artist and designer have taken a bit too much inspiration from their peers, however, when does this inspiration and influence go too far?  The drama this time has been caused by the account @whos___who. These lot are taking a stand on copycats in the art world. They have taken inspiration from Diet Prada. They are an account who sassed their way into showing the copy cats of the design world. Since Whos___Who conception on Instagram they have gained 24 k following, and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down.

Their captions are bare, however, people are commenting on whether they think it is a Copycat at work and guessing who the original artist is.

Want to see more? Check out their Instagram here.




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The Oxford Distribution Company

We were approached by The Oxford Distribution Company, a flyer distribution company that target Oxfordshire and Lancashire. There website needed a revamp as it was old fashioned and wasn’t really selling the company and their services. We thought a simple illustrative style would work really well for them, and we have noticed a trend for this recently. We stripped the whole website back and gave it a kore organic feel, intorducing the colours from their logo into nice clean illustrations that really make the website stand out. We removed the online shop and made the navigation of the website a lot easier to get around.


The site is now clean, professional and responsive, working on all devices. It also shows exactly what the company is offering and easily allows the customer to get in touch to discuss anything. To find out more about The Oxford Distribution Company and to have a look at their new website click here.

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AKA Bespoke Jewellers

We were approached by AKA Bespoke Jewellers. AKA design and create bespoke pieces of jewellery at an extremely high standard. They had discussed with us that they wanted a whole new look to their existing website. The first thing we had noticed was that the website was too dark and it didn't allow for the products which they create to shine. Another thing we noticed is that the website was not responsive. We lightened the whole website up and added the high quality shots of the jewellery that were on AKA's Facebook page.

We were incredibly happy with how the website turned out and our client was extremely happy too. If you would like to check out their amazing bespoke pieces you can visit there website here.

AKA’s previous website.

AKA’s updated website

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Social Media Branding

Why is Social Media important to business?

If our clients are not on social media, we actively encourage them to take the jump. Its really important. Most people now shop through social media so its a great way to get a new client base. Social media allows you to target a larger audience than traditional methods would, giving you a bigger return. Social Media is one of the most powerful marketing tools a business can use, and if used correctly, you can see your business grow at a rapid rate.


How can we help?

Okay, so you have your business and your ready to get into the world of Social Media, but where to start? Don’t panic, thats where we come to the rescue. We can set your profiles up for you, brand the whole look of them so your platforms look smart and professional. Our team will be dedicated in making sure that you put the best foot forward.

Client Studies

  • Benjamin Kiff is a photographer, he was set up a Facebook profile, the design team then branded his social media. Check his Facebook out here.


  • Lee Butterworth, a plumbing and electrical contractor decided to take the leap onto social media. See his Facebook here, branded by us.


If you think that you would like to start advertising your business on social media, or you need to completely revamp the social media platforms that you have, get in touch! Click Here to be taken to our contact page where you can send us an enquiry.



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Robbington Abbey

We were approached by Robbington Abbey to design them a new logo for their print business. Our design team sat down with them to discuss ideas and to go through initial concepts. We really wanted to create a logo which sand out and really make their business look great. We’re are really happy with how this design went and so was our client.

To see more of Robbington Abbeys work, visit their Facebook page here

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Benjamin Ryan Kiff Photography

Benjamin approached us with his photography business needing a logo and business card. We created this design which we thought captured really well the kind of photographer that Ben is. Once we had done this we then went on to set up his social media page for him and created him a website with a landing page with all his information on.